Handbook of Filter Synthesis

Книга Handbook of Filter Synthesis

Название: Handbook of Filter Synthesis
Автор: A.I.Zverev А. И. Зверев
Издательство: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
Год издания: 1967
Страниц: 590
Формат: DJVU
Размер: 17 МБ
Качество: Отличное, 600дпи, цветные обложки
This treatment of the electric wave filter is for electronic systems engineers engaged in communication, radar, and any other electronic equipment that depends on selective networks. From the systems engineer's point of view the filter sets the standards of the system. Today he is able to specify almost any type of stable, single-valued analytic function as a subsystem on a block diagram, with reasonable assurance that it can be approximated and built into an operating unit. The exact mathematical technique is so successful that the newer electronic systems are literally packed with synthesized passive and active networks. An exact knowledge of filter performance is therefore essential for the systems engineer. In this book he can find information concerning the performance of all possible types of filters in both the time and frequency domains. In addition, the filter expert can find here a variety of general and specific information pertinent to his speciality. Almost any type of filter can be designed with the aid of the precalculated data presented...
1.1 Types of Filters
1.2 Filter Applications
1.3 All-Pass Filters
1.4 Properties of Lattice Filters
1.5 Filter Building Blocks
1.6 Higher Order Filters
1.7 Coil-Saving Bandpass Filters
1.8 Frequency Range of Applications
1.9 Physical Elements of the Filter
1.10 Active Bandpass Filters
1.11 RC Passive and Active Filters
1.12 Microwave Filters
1.13 Parametric Filters
2.1 Power Balance
2.2 Types of General Network Equations
2.3 Effective Attenuation
2.4 Reflective (Echo) Attenuation
2.5 Transmission Function As a Function Of Frequency Parameter, s
2.6 Polynomials of Transmission and Filtering Functions
2.7 Filter Networks
2.8 Voltage and Current Sources
2.9 The Function D(s) As An Approximation Function
2.10 Examples of Transmission Function Approximation
2.11 Simplest Polynomial Filters in Algebraic Form
2.12 Introduction To Image-Parameter Theory
2.13 Bridge Networks
2.14 Examples of Realization in the Bridge Form
2.15 Hurwitz Polynomial
2.16 The Smallest Realizable Networks
2.17 Fourth-Order Networks
2.18 Fifth-Order Networks
3.1 Amplitude Responses
3.2 Phase-and Group-Delay Responses
3.3 Group Delay of an Idealized Filter
3.4 Group-Delay—Attenuation Relationship
3.5 The Chebyshev Family of Response Characteristics
3.6 Gaussian Family of Response Characteristics
3.7 A Filter with Transitional Magnitude Characteristics
3.8 Legendre Filters
3.9 Minimum-Loss Characteristics
3.10 Synchronously Tuned Filters
3.11 Arithmetically Symmetrical Bandpass Filters
3.12 Attenuation Characteristics of Image Parameter Filters
3.13 Other Types of Filter Characteristics
3.14 Plots of the Attenuation and Group Delay Characteristics
4.1 Double Periodic Elliptic Functions
4.2 Mapping of s-Plane into w-Plane
4.3 First Basic Transformation of Elliptic Functions
4.4 Filtering Function in z-Plane
4.5 Graphical Representation of Parameters
4.6 Characteristic Values of D(s)
4.7 An Example of Filter Design
4.8 Consideration of Losses
4.9 Introduction of Losses by Frequency Transformation
4.10 Highpass Filters with Losses
4.11 Transmission Functions with Losses
4.12 Conclusions on Consideration of Losses
4.13 Realization Process
4.14 Bandpass Filter with a Minimum Number of Inductors
4.15 The Elements of a Coil-Saving Network
4.16 Consideration of Losses in Zig-Zag Filters
4.17 Realization Procedure
4.18 Numerical Example of Realization
4.19 Full and Partial Removal for a Fifth-Order Filter
5.1 Introduction to the Catalog
5.2 Real Part of the Driving Point Impedance
5.3 Lowpass Filter Design
5.4 Design of Highpass Filters
5.5 Design of LC Bandpass Filters
5.6 Design of Narrowband Crystal Filters
5.7 Design of Bandstop Filters
5.8 Catalog of Normalized Lowpass Models
6.1 Introduction to Tables of Normalized Element Values
6.2 Lowpass Design Examples
6.3 Bandpass Filter Design
6.4 Concept of Coupling
6.5 Coupled Resonators
6.6 Second-Order Bandpass Filter
6.7 Design with Tables of Predistorted k and q Parameters
6.8 Design Examples using Tables of k and q Values
6.9 Tables of Lowpass Element Values
6.10 Tables of 3-dB Down k and q Values
7.1 Introduction to Transient Characteristics
7.2 Time and Frequency Domains
7.3 Information Contained in the Impulse Response
7.4 Step Response
7.5 Impulse Response of an Ideal Gaussian Filter
7.6 Residue Determination
7.7 Numerical Example
7.8 Practical Steps in the Inverse Transformation
7.9 Inverse Transform of Rational Spectral Functions
7.10 Numerical Example
7.11 Estimation Theory
7.12 Transient Response in Highpass and Bandpass Filters
7.13 The Exact Calculation of Transient Phenomena for Highpass Systems
7.14 Estimate of Transient Responses in Narrowband Filters
7.15 The Exact Transient Calculation in Narrowband Systems
7.16 Group Delay Versus Transient Response
7.17 Computer Determination of Filter Impulse Response
7.18 Transient Response Curves
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Crystal Structure
8.3 Theory of Piezoelectricity
8.4 Properties of Piezoelectric Quartz Crystals
8.5 Classification of Crystal Filters
8.6 Bridge Filters
8.7 Limitation of Bridge Crystal Filters
8.8 Spurious Response
8.9 Circuit Analysis of a Simple Filter
8.10 Element Values in Image-Parameter Formulation
8.11 Ladder Filters
8.12 Effective Attenuation of Simple Filters
8.13 Effective Attenuation of Ladder Networks
8.14 Ladder Versus Bridge Filters
8.15 Practical Differential Transformer for Crystal Filters
8.16 Design of Narrowband Filters with the Aid of Lowpass Model
8.17 Synthesis of Ladder Single Sideband Filters
8.18 The Synthesis of Intermediate Bandpass Filters
8.19 Example of Band-Reject Filter
8.20 Ladder Filters with Large Bandwidth
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Helical Resonators
9.3 Filter with Helical Resonators
9.4 Alignment of Helical Filters
9.5 Examples of Helical Filtering
10.1 Two-Terminal Network Transformations
10.2 Delta-Star Transformation
10.3 Use of Transformer in Filter Realization
10.4 Norton's Transformation
10.5 Applications of Mutual Inductive Coupling
10.6 The Realization of LC Filters with Crystal Resonators
10.7 Negative and Positive Capacitor Transformation
10.8 Bartlett's Bisection Theorem
10.9 Cauer's Equivalence
10.10 Canonic Bandpass Structures
10.11 Bandpass Ladder Filters Having a Canonical Number of Inductors without Mutual Coupling
10.12 Impedance and Admittance Inverters
10.13 Source and Load Transformation
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