Iron Python in Action +code

Книга Iron Python in Action +code

Название:Iron Python in Action
Автор: Michael J. Foord , Christian Muirhead
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2009
Язык: English
Формат: pdf+code
Размер: 7,9 Mb+33,3 Mb
IronPython in Action offers a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to Microsoft's exciting new approach for programming the .NET framework. It approaches IronPython as a first class .NET language, fully integrated with the .NET environment, Visual Studio, and even the open-source Mono implementation. You'll learn how IronPython can be embedded as a ready-made scripting language into C# and VB.NET programs, used for writing full applications or for web development with ASP. Even better, you'll see how IronPython works in Silverlight for client-side web programming.
IronPython opens up exciting new possibilities. Because it's a dynamic language, it permits programming paradigms not easily available in VB and C#. In this book, authors Michael Foord and Christian Muirhead explore the world of functional programming, live introspection, dynamic typing and duck typing , metaprogramming, and more.
IronPython in Action explores these topics with examples, making use of the Python interactive console to explore the .NET framework with live objects. The expert authors provide a complete introduction for programmers to both the Python language and the power of the .NET framework. The book also shows how to extend IronPython with C#, extending C# and VB.NET applications with Python, using IronPython with .NET 3.0 and Powershell, IronPython as a Windows scripting tool, and much more.
Table of Contents
Part 1: Getting Started with IronPython
A New Language for .NET
1.1 An Introduction to IronPython
1.1.1 What is IronPython?
1.1.2 A Brief History of IronPython
1.1.3 IronPython for Python Programmers
1.1.4 IronPython for .NET Programmers
1.2 Python on the CLR
1.2.1 Dynamic Languages on .NET and the DLR
1.2.2 Silverlight, a New CLR
1.2.3 The Python Programming Language
1.2.4 Multiple Programming Paradigms
1.3 Live Objects on the Console - the Interactive Interpreter
1.3.1 Using the Interactive Interpreter
1.3.2 .NET Framework: assemblies, namespaces and classes
1.3.3 Live objects and the Interactive Interpreter
1.3.4 Object Introspection with dir and help
1.4 Summary
Introduction to Python
2.1 An Overview of Python
2.1.1 Python datatypes
2.1.2 Names, Objects and References
2.1.3 Mutable and immutable objects
2.2 Python: Basic Constructs
2.2.1 Statements and expressions
2.2.2 Conditionals and loops
2.2.3 Functions
2.2.4 Built in Functions
2.2.5 Classes
2.3 Additional Python Features
2.3.1 Exception Handling
2.3.2 Closures and scoping rules
2.3.3 List Comprehensions
2.3.4 Modules, Packages and Importing
2.3.5 Docstrings
2.3.6 The Python Standard Library
2.4 Summary
.NET Objects & IronPython
3.1 Introducing .NET
3.1.1 Translating MSDN Documentation into IronPython
3.1.2 The Form Class
3.2 Structures, Enumerations and Collections: .NET Types
3.2.1 Methods and properties inherited from Control
3.2.2 Adding a Label to the Form: ControlCollection
3.2.3 Configuring the Label: The Color Structure
3.2.4 The FormBorderStyle Enumeration
3.2.5 Hello World with Form and Label
3.3 Handling Events
3.3.1 The MouseMove Event
3.3.2 Event Handlers in IronPython
3.4 Subclassing .NET Types
3.5 Summary
Part 2: Core Development Techniques
Writing an Application, and Design Patterns with IronPython
4.1 Data Modelling and Duck Typing
4.1.1 Python and Protocols
4.1.2 Duck Typing in Action
4.2 Model View Controller in IronPython
4.2.1 Introducing the Running Example
4.2.2 The View Layer: Creating a User Interface
4.2.3 A Data Model
4.2.4 A Controller Class
4.3 The Command Pattern
4.3.1 The SaveFileDialog
4.3.2 Writing Files: the .NET & Python Ways
4.3.3 Handling exceptions and the system message box
4.3.4 The Save Command, a Python Class
4.3.5 The SaveAs Command
4.4 Integrating Commands with Our Running Example
4.4.1 Menu Classes and Lambda
4.4.2 Toolbar and Images, .NET Classes
4.4.3 Bringing the GUI to Life
4.5 Summary
First Class Functions in Action with XML
5.1 First Class Functions
5.1.1 Higher Order Functions
5.1.2 Python Decorators
5.1.3 A Null Argument Checking Decorator
5.2 Representing Documents with XML
5.2.1 The .NET XmlWriter
5.2.2 A DocumentWriter Class
5.2.3 An Alternative with an Inner Function
5.3 Reading XML
5.3.1 XmlReader
5.3.2 An IronPython XML Document Reader
5.4 Handler Functions for MultiDoc XML
5.5 The Open Command
5.6 Summary
Properties, Dialogs and Visual Studio
6.1 Document Observers
6.1.1 Python properties
6.1.2 Document Observers on the MainForm
6.1.3 Adding the OpenCommand
6.2 More with TabPages: Dialogs and Visual Studio
6.2.1 Remove Pages: Ok and Cancel Dialog
6.2.2 Rename Pages: A Modal Dialog
6.2.3 Visual Studio Express and IronPython
6.2.4 Adding Pages: Code Reuse in Action
6.2.5 Wiring the Commands to the View
6.3 Object Serializing with BinaryFormatter
6.4 Summary
Agile Testing - Where Dynamic Typing Shines
7.1 The unitest module
7.1.1 Creating a TestCase
7.1.2 setup and tearDown
7.1.3 Test Suites with Multiple Modules
7.2.Testing with Mocks
7.2.1 Mock Objects
7.2.2 Modifying Live Objects: The Art of the Monkey Patch
7.2.3 Mocks and Dependency Injection
7.3 Functional Testing
7.3.1 Interacting with the GUI Thread
7.3.2 An AsyncExecutor for Asynchronous Interactions
7.3.3 The Functional Test: Making MultiDoc Dance
7.4 Summary
Getting Deeper into IronPython: Metaprogramming, Protocols and More
8.1 Protocols instead of Interfaces
8.1.1 A Myriad of Magic Methods
8.1.2 Operator Overloading
8.1.3 Iteration
8.1.4 Generators
8.1.5 Equality and Inequality
8.2 Dynamic Attribute Access
8.2.1 Attribute Access through Builtin Functions
8.2.2 Attribute Access through Magic Methods
8.2.3 Proxying Attribute Access
8.3 Metaprogramming
8.3.1 Introduction to Metaclasses
8.3.2 Uses of Metaclasses
8.3.3 A Profiling Metaclass
8.4 IronPython and the CLR
8.4.1 .NET Arrays
8.4.2 Overloaded Methods
8.4.3 'out', 'ref', 'params' and Pointer Parameters
8.4.4 Value Types
8.4.5 Interfaces
8.4.6 Attributes
Part 3: IronPython and Advanced .NET
WPF and IronPython
9.1 Hello World with WPF and IronPython
9.1.1 WPF from Code
9.1.2 Hello World from XAML
9.2 WPF in Action
9.2.1 Layout with the Grid
9.2.2 The WPF ComboBox and CheckBox
9.2.3 The Image Control
9.2.4 The Expander
9.2.5 The ScrollViewer
9.2.6 The TextBlock a Lightweight Document Viewer
9.2.7 The XamlWriter
9.3 XPS Documents and Flow Content
9.3.1 FlowDocument Viewer Classes
9.3.2 Flow Document Markup
9.3.3 Document XAML and Object Tree Processing
9.4 Summary
Windows System Administration with IronPython
10.1 System Administration with IronPython
10.1.1 Simple Scripts
10.1.2 Shell Scripting with IronPython
10.2. WMI and the System.Management Assembly
10.2.1 System.Management
10.2.2 Connecting to remote Computers
10.3 Powershell & IronPython
10.3.1. Using Powershell from IronPython
10.3.2. Using IronPython inside Powershell
10.4 Summary
IronPython and ASP.NET
11.1 Introducing ASP.NET
11.1.1 Web controls
11.1.2 Pages and user controls
11.1.3 Rendering, server code and the page lifecycle
11.2 Adding IronPython to ASP.NET
11.2.1 Writing a first application
11.2.2 Creating a project
11.3 ASP.NET Infrastructure
11.3.1 The App_Script Folder
11.3.2 The File
11.3.3 The Web.config File
11.4 A Web-based MultiDoc Viewer
11.4.1 Page Structure
11.4.2 Code-behind
11.5 Editing MultiDocs
11.5.1 Swapping Controls
11.5.2 Handling Viewstate
11.5.3 Additional Events
11.6 Converting the Editor into a User Control
11.6.1 Viewstate Again
11.6.2 Adding Parameters
11.7 Summary
Databases and Web Services
12.1 Relational databases and ADO.NET
12.1.1 Trying it out using PostgreSQL
12.1.2 Connecting to the database
12.1.3 Executing commands
12.1.4 Setting parameters
12.1.5 Querying the database
12.1.6 Reading multi-row results
12.1.7 Using transactions
12.1.8 DataSets
12.1.9 Databinding
12.2 Web services
12.2.1 Using a simple web service
12.2.2 Using SOAP services from IronPython
12.2.3 REST services in IronPython
12.3 Summary
Silverlight: IronPython in the Browser
13.1. Introduction to Silverlight
13.1.1. Dynamic Silverlight
13.1.2. Your Python Application
13.1.3. Silverlight Controls
13.1.4. Packaging a Silverlight Application
13.2. A Silverlight Twitter Client
13.2.1. Cross Domain Policies
13.2.2. Debugging Silverlight Applications
13.2.3. The User Interface and a Password TextBox
13.2.4. Accessing Network Resources
13.2.5. Threading and Dispatching onto the UI Thread
13.2.6. IsolatedStorage in the Browser
13.3. Videos and the Browser DOM
13.3.1. The MediaElement Video Player
13.3.2. Interacting with the Browser DOM
13.4. Summary
Part 4: Reaching Out with IronPython
Extending IronPython with C# / VB.NET
14.1. Writing a Class Library for IronPython
14.1.1. Working with Visual Studio or MonoDevelop
14.1.2. Python Objects from Class Libraries
14.1.3. Calling Unmanaged Code with the P/Invoke Attribute
14.1.4. Methods with Attributes through Subclassing
14.2. Creating Dynamic (and Pythonic) Objects from C# / VB.NET
14.2.1. Creating Dynamic Objects
14.2.2. Python Magic Methods
14.2.3. APIs with Keyword and Multiple Arguments
14.3. Compiling and Using Assemblies at Runtime
14.4. Summary
Embedding the IronPython Engine
15.1. Creating a custom Executable
15.1.1. The IronPython Engine
15.1.2. Executing a Python File
15.2. IronPython as a Scripting Engine
15.2.1. Setting and Fetching Variables from a Scope
15.2.2. Providing Modules and Assemblies for the Engine
15.2.3. Python Code as an Embedded Resource
15.3. Python Plugins for .NET Applications
15.3.1. A Plugin Class and Registry
15.3.2. Auto-discovery of User Plugins
15.3.3. Calling the User Plugins
15.4. Using DLR Objects from Other .NET Languages
15.4.1. Expressions, Functions and Python Types
15.4.2. Dynamic Operations with ObjectOperations
15.4.3. The Builtin Python Functions and Modules
15.5. Summary

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